Does CRA Health's Software Interface with My Electronic Health Record (EHR)?

CRA Health's software can interface with any EHR, radiology information system (RIS) or software program that is Health Level 7 (HL7) compliant.

Unfortunately, EHRs have very limited capabilities when it comes to genetics or risk assessment, so while CRA Health can push data into any EHR, most EHRs lack the functionality to receive that data in a useful or meaningful way.

Density and Risk Models

There is increasing interest in breast density as a risk factor for breast cancer, in part generated by laws in over 18 states mandating that women be told their breast density when they have a mammogram. The obvious question for the patient and her doctors is, “Does this density increase the risk of breast cancer?” This is not an easy question to answer using just density in isolation.

Breast Cancer Risk Models, Risk-Based Screening and Genetic Testing

There are a number of breast cancer risk models, each with their own set of strengths and weaknesses (Breast Cancer Risk Models: Which One Is Accurate?)Ideally, all risk models should be run on all individuals to be sure that the clinician has all the data needed to properly care for the patient. Unfortunately, this is a time consuming process, as each model often has its own unique interface, each requiring entry of the same or similar data over and over again.