Breast Cancer Risk Models, Risk-Based Screening and Genetic Testing

There are a number of breast cancer risk models, each with their own set of strengths and weaknesses (Breast Cancer Risk Models: Which One Is Accurate?) Ideally, all risk models should be run on all individuals to be sure that the clinician has all the data needed to properly care for the patient. Unfortunately, this is a time consuming process, as each model often has its own unique interface, each requiring entry of the same or similar data over and over again.

In order to simplify this aspect of patient care, we have developed CRA Health's Risk Express. By entering risk factors and family history once, you can run the major risk models used in the US (We are unable to run the Boadicea model as this model does not have a WebService interface, though we are hoping they will have one in the near future). Models run include BRCAPRO, Tyrer Cuzick 6 & 7, Gail, and Myriad.

Go to CRA Health's Risk Express and enter your email address.


Enter an abbreviated family history. (CRA Health's Risk Express uses the Lyte Models approach for simplicity):

Then enter risk factors:

And run your calculations by hitting next to produce your results and have a printable summary:

We have developed CRA Health's Risk Express as a quick and easy risk model calculator. While it lacks the bells and whistles of our full version CRA Health's software, it has utility in a fast paced clinical setting, where the clinician needs to know who needs genetic testing, who needs an MRI and who might potentially benefit from chemoprevention. Use it in good health.

About the Author: Kevin S. Hughes, MD, FACS


Kevin S. Hughes, MD, FACS is a co-founder and medical advisor to CRA Health. Dr. Hughes is the Massachusetts General Hospital’s Surgical Director of the Breast Screening Program, Surgical Director of the Breast and Ovarian Cancer Genetics and Risk Assessment Program, and Co-Director of the Avon Comprehensive Breast Evaluation Center, and serves as the Medical Director of the Bermuda Cancer Genetics and Risk Assessment Clinic. He is an Associate Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Hughes is actively involved in the establishment of standards and in research regarding the genetics, screening, diagnosis, and treatment of breast cancer. He is the author of numerous papers and book chapters on the subjects of breast cancer, screening, diagnosis and treatment, and risk assessment. More information can be found at: