The Leader in Cancer Risk Assessment Software

Since 2007, CRA Health has been the leader in cancer risk assessment with our innovative screening, decision support, and tracking platform. Using our software, clinicians are able to offer their patients a more comprehensive way to identify their cancer risk. We have incorporated up-to-date versions of clinically recognized models, including Tyrer-Cuzick 7 and 8, BRCAPro, Claus, Myriad, Gail, PREMM and MMRpro models, into a single assessment tool that runs the models (with hereditary, hormonal, and pathological patient data) and then helps manage the patients identified as high risk.

Our comprehensive software and solution was developed as a guidelines-based cancer risk assessment tool and as a hospital risk clinic management tool. Today, the product is used globally in more than 75 teaching hospitals, genetic clinics, and breast imaging centers.

Partnering with CRA Health will enable you to:

  • Efficiently and confidently identity high-risk patients within your screening population
  • Automatically generate patient reports, correspondence for the referring physician, and letters of medical necessity for additional screening or testing (e.g., MRI, genetic testing) to support procedure authorization and reimbursement
  • Integrate seamlessly with Mammography Information Systems, RIS, EHR, and PACS
  • Connect to online portals for patient-submitted data
  • Utilize a state-of-the-art patient pedigree drawing tool
  • Track elevated risk patients and coordinate any additional testing
  • Choose your data management approach your solution can reside in your data center or it can be hosted on a HIPAA-compliant Microsoft Azure cloud platform

To learn more about CRA Health, contact us directly.