Try Risk Express: Our Industry-Leading Cancer Risk Assessment

Since our founding in 2007, CRA Health's mission has been to provide innovative cancer risk assessment tools to patients at hospitals, risk clinics, and imaging centers. We believe that risk assessment plays an integral role in cancer screening.

We are pleased to offer our Risk Express assessment tool without charge, on a trial basis, so that physicians, nurses, and genetic counselors can experience how state-of-the-art cancer risk assessment can be utilized to identify high-risk patients. Family history and other key risk factors take only minutes to provide; risk model scores and a pedigree are generated immediately.

Consistent with our full suite of risk assessment products, Risk Express provides a comprehensive assessment by utilizing numerous clinically recognized models, including Tyrer-Cuzick 7 and 8, BRCAPro, Claus, Myriad, Gail, PREMM and MMRpro. In addition, Risk Express provides risk-based decision support and supplemental screening recommendations based on established guidelines.

We invite you to try Risk Express, available to each user for a limited number of assessments. We believe Risk Express' quick-and-easy risk-scoring process will help you experience how risk assessment may benefit your practice and patients.

Our full suite of products includes additional functionality:

  • Patient data entry via tablet, computer, or internet
  • Patient portal integration
  • Complete database for automated patient tracking
  • Automated patient, primary care physician, and insurer letters
  • Comprehensive Risk Clinic module for genetic counselors
  • Interfaces to EHR, RIS, PACS and Mammo RIS systems
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To learn more about our customizable risk assessment solutions, please view our Product Suite Comparison or Contact Us.