Risk Assessment: Innovative Solutions For Improving

Our system is the most comprehensive risk assessment solution available, and it is designed to fit into your workflow. If you are uncertain about which risk model to employ, you won’t need to choose. CRA Health’s risk assessment software tool includes up-to-date versions of clinically recognized models, including Tyrer-Cuzick 7 and 8, BRCAPro, Claus, Myriad, Gail, PREMM and MMRpro models, into a single assessment tool that runs the models and then helps manage the patients identified as high risk.

If you are concerned about time and workflow, we can help you manage both in a way that minimizes or eliminates added time while also helping patient data intake and management. Our system also includes a state-of-the-art pedigree drawing and editing tool for visualization of family tree/family history.

Below are examples of letters, designed for illustrative purposes, that can be generated to client specifications based on communication needs among patients, providers and payors. These letters can be customized based on the level of risk assessment integration selected through CRA Health and your clinical workflow processes.

For a preview of the CRA Health Risk Assessment software, please tour the images via the link below.