Risk Engine: API for EHR Integration

The CRA Health Risk Engine is an API (Application Programming Interface) that allows major EHRs, Patient Portals, Radiology Information Systems (RIS), and Mammography Reporting Systems to have seamless, integrated cancer risk assessment from an industry leader.

Existing IT infrastructure in your EHR, Patient Portal, or RIS can be used to capture family history, density and other risk factors, and then risk scoring can be completed with comprehensive risk assessment software from CRA Health. The Risk Engine returns the results of these analyses to your host system where they are displayed for the clinicians who will now have the data they need to determine the best course of screening and prevention.

Our standards-based (HL7 / XML) API means your practice, hospital, or health system can be implementing a risk assessment program using your existing systems with minimal implementation time.

The Risk Engine runs the major cancer risk models, including Tyrer-Cuzick 7 and 8, BRCAPro, Claus, Myriad, Gail, PREMM and MMRpro models.

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