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Each year, millions of women in the United States with an elevated risk of developing breast cancer don't receive a simple risk assessment that could save their lives. In addition, nearly 250,000 cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in the United States.

How will you help your patients determine if they are at risk?

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We believe everyone deserves the best risk assessment screening and prevention tools available. Since 2007, CRA Health has been the leader in cancer risk assessment with our innovative screening, decision support and tracking platform. Using our software, clinicians are able to offer their patients a more comprehensive way to identify their cancer risk and thus help choose the right screening and prevention tools for the patient.

A seamless Process for Providers & Patients

Our cancer risk assessment solution empowers providers and their patients to better assess and understand risk. Fully integrated into your clinical workflow, our cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant platform offers industry-leading ease-of-use and a comprehensive solution to identifying and managing high-risk patients.

Each step, from patient data collection to risk scoring (using all of the widely accepted risk-scoring models) to notifying PCPs and payers, is driven by years of innovation and a deep commitment toward increasing prevention and improving outcomes.

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Cancer Risk Assessments: Creating Clarity for Clinicians and Patients

Breast cancer is among the leading causes of cancer illness and mortality in the United States. As a result, the disease has been the focus of significant research and attention, leading to groundbreaking medical advancements and increased prevention and awareness. Yet, despite the progress, there remains substantial debate and confusion around how and when to screen women for breast cancer ...

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Our commitment to improving care

We're dedicated to delivering tools to clinicians and patients to help identify high-risk patients for screening and prevention in order to improve diagnoses, care and outcomes.

Our comprehensive software and solution was developed as a guidelines-based cancer risk assessment tool and as a hospital risk clinic management tool.

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